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Artero Merlin horse mane and tail conditioner, moisturizing and detangling for horses.
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Features of Artero conditioner for horses.
Artero Merlin Conditioner provides hydration and protection. It is ideal for use on all types of tails and manes to provide a healthy and elegant appearance. These are its main features:

Prevents the formation of tangles, even in high volume manes and tails.
Provides silkiness and extreme shine without leaving greasy residues.
Strengthens and beautifies the tail and mane braids.
It has a regenerating effect, acting on the hair cuticle, closing and coating it.
It nourishes and protects from external factors aggressions.
It has a conditioning effect that makes brushing easier. It also eliminates frizz or static electricity.
It is very useful in equines whose manes and tails are frequently combed.
Favors the natural color of the horse, strengthens and keeps the hair healthier and more flexible, without breakage during brushing.
It has a soft and pleasant aroma.
It is possible to apply Artero Horse Conditioner on dry or wet hair without losing effectiveness.
For easy handling, it is marketed in practical 750 ml containers.
Designed for external use only.
It is a 100% vegan product, which does not contain substances derived from animals.

Directions for use of the moisturizing conditioner for horses
For best results it is advisable to follow the steps below when applying the product:

Shake before use to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
Spray the product about 30 cm from the mane and tail, applying it in sections until completely wet. When used on wet hair it is recommended to apply it after towel drying.
Brush the mane and tail of the horse after applying the conditioner, opening sections to distribute the product completely and untangle.
Allow to dry completely; no rinsing is necessary.
For best results it is possible to apply the conditioner before and after shampooing, rinsing it out the first time. This process has a protective effect on very dry coats or coats that need special care.
It can be used routinely, preferably after the specific Artero shampoo.

Some aspects to keep in mind with the conditioner are the following:
Avoid sensitive areas of the horse, such as eyes, nostrils, genitals and ears. In case of contact, rinse with plenty of water.
Do not ingest.

Composition of Artero Merlin
The components of Artero Merlin are designed to restructure the hair fibers in depth. They do not affect the dermal layer, maintain the natural pH of the skin and provide softness, smoothness and elasticity.

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